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The Survivalist Blog

Prepping, Politics, & Bug Out

Modern Survival Online

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AbleWord Review-PDF

AbleWord Review (View, Edit, Create, and Convert PDFs)

Review of AbleWord Software, a free PDF conversion tool.

Bugging Out 101

High quality, long form articles like this one get shared by readers more often, increase your visibility, and are can be used as cornerstone content for your site.

EDC for Kids: Here's What They Should Be Wearing

Even smaller blogs like this one can rank #1 with an article like this one by choosing the right keyword combinations and targeting a niche audience.

How to Assemble a First Aid Kit and Where to Keep It

Long form or informational content like this guide to first aid kits, includes multiple elements to educate the reader and satisify user intent by using storytelling, step by step instructions, and easily scanned bullet lists.

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Webinar Script on Small Business Startup

"As always, Megan provides quality work at a fair price. One of the many reasons I continue to hire her! Thanks Megan!"

Article Series on Ancient Wonders of the World

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Pet Articles

"I find it difficult to find professional, reliable, and competent writers, but Megan ticks all of those boxes and I look forward to a long working relationship with her."

E-book on Marriage

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How To Turn Your Wheelchair into a Bug Out Vehicle

"I absolutely love this article. So little is written for the elderly and disabled that I often think, they are to be left to die. But when I see things like this, I'm so impressed. Way to go Megan."--JD

10 Ways to Use Carboard for Survival

"Megan, keep it coming. I was always half ass prepared. But I learned a lot from you. Thank you!" --Louis Tramontana

Introduction to Homesteading

"Hope you don't mind but I take a lot of your articles (like this one) and print them and I've been able to build up a library (thanks to you and few other sites) of information." --Takata

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