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If you hate cold emailing and it sucks up way too much of your time, there’s a better way. It can feel a bit like being blindfolded and trying to hit a pinata, right?

Well, take off your blindfold by getting laser focused on your niche. Now you can see what you’re doing. What do you want to write about and more importantly who is your audience? Once you’ve got you niche nailed down, you can stop swinging the pinata stick in the wrong direction. Pitch only to publications, clients, or markets that you KNOW want to pay you to write.

On that note, here’s 5 more markets that want to pay you to write. See if one of these fits your niche. If not, check out my bonus resource at the end of this article. You’re sure to find something useful there.

So, identify your niche, target your emails to markets who want to pay you to write and then perfect your pitch. There’s no stopping you now. Go get ‘em!

1. Affinity Magazine

2. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

3. Narrative

4. Focus on The Family Magazine

5. Cottage Life


And here’s your bonus resource for this week, another aggregate site:

Writing Markets for Freelance Writers from Freedom With Writing

Write on! Have you nailed that pinata yet?

Share your success in the comments below.

Meg Stewart

Freelance content writer, ghostwriter, & editor. I produce quality content that gets your business seen by potential customers. Software go-to-gal. Farm girl at heart. Single mom of four, "Grammi" to nine grandsons and one granddaughter.

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  1. Thanks for all the tips! I’ll be coming back for more!

    1. great Sarah! So glad you found value in my post. I’m working on getting more content up soon!

  2. Helpful info…if like to know more about how I find out who’s doing calls for submission in my niche…very interested!

    1. try a google search “calls for submission “horror” or “fantasy”, etc.

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