Welcome to my tips and tricks for authors and writers page. If you’re writing a book whether fiction or nonfiction, you’ve found the right place. If you haven’t started a book but know you want to write one someday, you’re welcome too.

This is where you’ll find my tips, tricks, and tools for authors. My posts for authors will be a hodgepodge because we need to do it all don’t we?

Tips and Tricks for Authors and Writers Includes:

  • reviews of my favorite books
  • tips on book cover design
  • reviews or other news about self-publishing software
  • tips on ways to develop realistic characters
  • tricks for writing dialogue that moves the story forward and reveals
  • backstory without being info dump.
  • feature articles on authors who caught my eye
  • low budget ways to promote your book
  • other freelancers and resources I’ve discovered who can help you polish and publish your book such as beta readers, critique communities, editors, cover designers, and agents.
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