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"Megan was great to work with, writes very well and has good ideas too. Will definitely look her up for future projects"

Parenting Report

"Megan did an excellent job on this project. She took initiative where necessary and was able to work and complete the project with very little input from me. I would highly recommend Megan."

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For Freelance Writers

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Conjure more Clients

Do you want to be a freelance writer? Are you a freelance writer working for a third-party freelance site like Upwork? Are you tired of writing for content mills that pay based on views or shares? Check out my CALLING ALL WRITERS series and more on my page for freelance writers.

For Entrepreneurs

Enchant Your Audience

Content is king so they say but what does that really mean? Do you need to learn more about how to use content to put your best business foot forward? Are you looking for a content writer to help keep your blog active? Do you need content that pops instead of just filling the page? Find out more about my content services here or just get tips on how to write better content for your own clients.

For Authors

Hypnotize Your Readers

Are you writing a fiction or non fiction book? I’m available for editing and beta reading. Thinking about self-publishing? Here’s where to find out about all the latest tools and tips for self-publishing, distributing, and promoting your book. Follow the link above to get tips on how to develop better characters, chop writer’s block, write more efficiently, and other ways to improve your writing.

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